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In 2017, Don’t Make These Video Production Mistakes

Everyone has their own style and techniques when it comes time to edit video, but there are a few major mistakes that everyone should avoid during the editing process. Regardless of the quality of your source material, the following mistakes can make the final product an unwatchable mess.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is leaving flash frames in the video. These flash frames will only pop up on the screen for a fraction of a second, but they can severely ruin the viewing experience. If you have a lot of quick cuts in your video, you will want to pay special attention for any lingering frames that need to be cut.

While a few flash frames may be a minor distraction, poor audio can ruin any video. If your audio is out-of-sync, even by a second, it will become something that viewers are watching for, causing them to ignore the actual content of the finished product. Make sure you take the time to ensure your audio track is perfectly lined up with the video so people aren’t moving their mouths moments before or after you hear their voices.

Another common audio related error is turning in a bad audio mix. If you have trouble hearing certain dialogue or sound effects throughout the video, you will need to play around with the levels or possibly reshoot to correct the problem.

Finally, avoid annoying transitions or large, ugly graphics. While some basic transitions and graphics may be fine, or even necessary, don’t let them take away from the actual content in your video.

For more tips related to the video editing process, keep checking back with the team at Omni Media Productions!

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