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Is Your Company Cool Like Snapchat?

Every day some new site website and app hits the market that is destined to change the landscape of video production or commercials. Now it seems that Snapchat is entering the promotional video fray with a new music video collaboration service. Their new venture is an important reminder to every company that wants to stay relevant, as pointed out in this article from

Chris Leo Palermino writes, “Like all good tech firms, popular messaging app Snapchat is constantly looking for creative ways to move beyond its roots. Snapchat’s latest plan is centered around a whole new frontier for the platform: music video production.”

In order for any company to stay relevant in today’s fast-moving world, you have to jump into the unknown every so often and for Snapchat, that means partnering up with electronic musician Goldroom. Together, they will release four music videos created just for smartphone consumption.

Again, like with YouTube, Snapchat is a world of youngsters, with over 100 million users. If you want your company to grow, you have to attach yourself to different forms of media, like a Snapchat. No business will sustain itself if it doesn’t at least attempt to cater to the young. Snapchat has clearly done a good job of making itself look cool. At Omni Media Productions, we feel we can do that for your business or project, so contact us today for more information.

Tags: electronic musician Goldroom, Is Your Company Cool Like Snapchat, smartphone music videos, Snapchat music videos, what is snapchariginally posted June 1, 2015 by Omni Media Productions Limited & filed under Video Production.

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