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The Best Type of Media to Share on Google+

If your company has a Google+ page but you are struggling to attract an audience, your first concern should be the type of content you are posting. There are several types of rich media formats that are actually ideal for Google+, and utilizing all of them you can get the most out of your page and attract new viewers in the process.

YouTube videos may be an obvious choice, but their relevance to Google+ should not be overlooked. Google owners YouTube, which means posting YouTube videos to their social media platform is as easy and simple as possible. In fact, you can actually embed YouTube videos right into your Google+ posts. Not only will viewers be able to watch the full video, but things like annotations will work without leaving your page. You can even choose to allow YouTube comments to show up on your Google+ stream.

If you post a lot of pictures to your Google+ account, make sure you are getting the most out of Google+ stories. These are a series of images, typically from a single location or event, which play together in a series in order to form a narrative for the viewer. These are simple, fun, and easy alternative to full videos.

By using Google Hangouts on Air, you can even stream live video to your Google+ page. This is especially useful if you are holding a seminar, making an important announcement, or doing anything else that you want followers to see as it is happening.

Take advantage of these content formats and you can expect to see more engagement on your Google+ page than ever before!

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