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TV interviews can be stressful already for the interviewee, without having to worry about what to we

Television interviews can be stressful already for the interviewee, without having to worry about what to wear.

They say clothes make the person, and as you might be giving the first impression of yourself to an audience of thousands, it will pay to wear the right clothes.

Here are 5 tips to help you with your wardrobe choices if you are to be interviewed on television:

Dress To Impress – Make sure that your look is consistent with how you want to be perceived. If what you’re being interviewed about deals with a sober and serious message, dress in that fashion. This goes similarly when the content is fun and entertaining where you can keep the suit at home.

Wear Comfortable Fitting Clothes – When you’re comfortable in your clothes that will translate to the camera and this will help come across in your performance in the interview.

Don’t Wear All White Or All Black – When wearing all white clothing it makes studio lights bounce back blind the viewer, conversely wearing all black gives the appearance that you’re disappearing.

Avoid Small Patterns – Try to avoid wearing anything that has a small pattern such as pinstripes, tweed or polka dots as it has a strange effect known as strobing. Men should avoid pinstripe shirts.

No Green When Being Interviewed On A ChromaKey – If you’re being interviewed for something business related on a green or blue screen, avoid those colors. If you happen to be wearing a green shirt on a green screen, the shirt will become invisible and you will not look very professional.

Bonus pro tip for what not to wear – If you are not able to decide what to wear, bring a change of clothes with you. This way you have options if you aren’t able to wear the clothes you originally brought.

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Originally posted February 15, 2016 by Omni Media Productions Limited & filed under Video Production.

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