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Video & Media Production in Toronto, ON

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Omni Media Productions has been a force in Ontario’s video production industry for almost four decades. We offer world-class video production services throughout Toronto, St. Catharines, and the Niagara region. Our past clients include world leaders, film celebrities, athletes, and many other recognizable personalities.

Our large number of returning customers is the single best testimonial for Omni Media Productions. We have had many of them in 37 years, many of which come back because of our expertise. In fact, some of our clients have been with us for more than two decades. All over Ontario, we’ve assisted those working on video production projects for television, music videos and training seminars.

We are proud to boast the achievements our videos, as they have received various awards. We shoot in full HD with experienced crews and gear badges from well-known manufacturers. Our tools put you in touch with some of the highest quality in video editing and production found in the entire industry.

The knowledge of our customer’s needs also sets us apart from the pack of other video production companies. The benefits of customer service knowledge we have acquired from offering television production services to clients in Toronto, Niagara, and Ontario has taught us how to treat and satisfy prospective clients. We’ve also worked all over North America and Europe, giving us a global perspective on the industry that few firms can match.

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