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Who We Are

Omni Media Webcasting – Video Advertising  - Toronto to Niagara

Want to know what really goes on behind the scenes here at Omni Media?

Our success within this highly competitive industry would be nothing without our reliable and experienced Ontario video production crews. The Omni Media crew is the reason why we have received strong endorsements and repeat business from our many satisfied customers. This has given us the opportunity to work with great world leaders, athletes, and TV and film stars.

Although our specialty is in high-end acquisition, we have covered it all within our three decades of business; this has included TV commercials, music videos, and training seminars. Our crew has done an exceptional job of evolving with the industry and the new technology available. This has made them the most valuable asset to Omni Media Productions.

Peter is the big guy heading up the team. A gent with a loud, ‘radio announcers’ voice. Well hey, he was one once. Peter still does voice-overs. But mostly he shoots and directs for clients.

Paul is the chief editor. Ask Paul how many years he has been with Omni and he will tell you – “Maybe too many, but I cannot let go having this much fun!” Paul is as easy to work with as soft ice cream is to swallow. But don’t lick him!

Film and Television Production in Toronto, ON

Derek takes charge of Edit Suite A. The top grad in his class at Confederation College, his thesis film won several awards! A few years ago, Derek breezed through a week of classes to obtain his Apple Mac Pro Certification. He has a mastery of Final Cut like few others. He came to Omni Media because he likes Bracken our mascot dog. Go figure! Great place to work….but the dog?

Joyce is our sales lady with the Scots accent. Yes the brogue is real. She hails from the land of haggis and bagpipes and acquired her sales skills when, as only a bonnie wee lass, she could never say no, only ‘Aye’. Joyce makes it easy to set dates and get your shoot underway.

Video Production Crew | Omni Media Productions

Cameron is our chief audio tech both in-studio and on-location. He is also a great shooter! People warm to this lad because he is easy to get along with and really knows his stuff. “Cammie” learned the hard way. We taught him!

Corina takes care of the numbers. She is the bookkeeper and has been for over 20 years. Need a penny… take a penny… but not from Corina! She has them all accounted for.

Webcasting Crew | Omni Media Productions

Jim is our technical guru for webcasting. He assures the data rates are flowing like Niagara Falls for a seamless webcast. Jim has over 35 years with Omni Media and knows computers well enough to build them. He gets clients on line and keeps them there. Missions are always ‘no fail’, says Jim.

Please, don’t take our word for it. Pull our profile, have a look at our awards and our photo gallery, open our fan mail, catch our tube stuff, reference our references, and look to see who we’re working with this week.

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