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Using Video Production and Webcasting Services to Spread Social Good

Webcasting services are of great use to those who need to spread important ideas among an audience that’s much larger than most venues can hold. It’s easy to see how private businesses can succeed by promoting their product and message among a wide audience. However, governmental organizations can also find tremendous help through Internet webcasting services.

Over in the massive country of India, millions of farmers and agricultural workers may benefit from the widespread distribution of educational webcasts from an upcoming national exhibition on farming. The upcoming ‘Krishi Vasant’ fair will highlight new techniques and technology supporting the incredible rise of food production that the country has seen in recent years.

In the last year alone, the agricultural industry within India has grown by a rate of 3.64 percent, with more than 260 million tons of food grain in country reserves according to this article published by The Krishi Vasant fair is an attempt to expand upon this explosion of agrarian output by promoting effective farming techniques among India’s agriculturalists.

More than 1,000 stalls will display exhibitions at this event, which will take place at the Central Institute for Cotton Research in Nagpur. More than half a million people are expected to visit the event when it takes place in mid-February of this year. However, government officials have talked with video production firms for webcasting content from the event. These videos could reach up to five million people, many of them in rural areas where these practices can make a much greater impact.

With the spread of the Internet today, even governmental agencies are choosing Internet channels to spread information rather than television broadcasts to reach more people. Omni Media Productions Limited knows how important it is to get the word out quickly and effectively. Give us a call if your Toronto-area business or organization needs to expand their audience through our video production and webcasting services.

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