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Updated: Jul 3, 2019

There is nothing worse than a dead transmitter or receiver when you are right in the middle of a lively recording session. It has happened to just about everyone I know at some time.

At concerts, interviews and presentations a loss of audio can happen despite your best intentions of checking constantly.

The solution is to start with inserting a dependable battery. There will be less checking when you have the confidence of a good choice.

Rechargeable batteries are fine and the technology has caught up with 9V and double A’s for use in the field.

But, it is best to always have a few extra non-chargeable batteries in your equipment bag that are fresh and ready – just in case. (Never if you are flying commercially, of course).

The only batteries you do not want to have for back-up are the lowest cost units. They will give you a jolt in a pinch, but they are not meant to run like the proverbial energizer bunny.

You don’t pay much for them and you will know why after 20 or 30 minutes!

If you want dependable batteries that will last several hours or more, the Procells by Duracell are the ones that most professionals turn to. They give you the lasting power that you will want, if you get into a longer-than-expected session that has a wireless mic (or mics) running.

Please, recycle all spent batteries where facilities exist. They can be toxic when tossed into the garbage.

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Omni Media Productions is an established television production company based in Ontario, Canada. Our level of expertise has provided top-notch video production services across Canada and internationally. We have gained success due to the personalized service and well-maintained equipment that we bring to every project.

Our highly knowledgeable on-staff Ontario film crews will execute pro-level videography, webcasting, and video editing services. Utilizing professionals with years of video production experience is essential for any project. Omni Media Productions strives to exceed the expectations of our clients, and helps turn their vision into a reality.

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