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This is what you need at your next webcasting event.

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Webcasting Live stream Producers

There are more a than a few services you should expect from your webcast production company.

It can be as simple as ‘have camera will shoot’, but for a truly inspiring livestream, here is what to consider.

A pre-production meeting establishes just what you are after and a Producer will ensure you receive coverage that gives your world-wide viewers the best possible participation; since they are not in the studio audience.

Coverage should include at least two cameras, so more than one angle is achieved. It may mean one camera is ‘locked down’ (unmanned) and provides a general, wide shot, but at least that sustains interest for the logged-on viewer. Three or more cameras? You can almost have as many as you want! It depends on the venue, the room size and your budget. Once more than one camera is required, a switcher is needed and that also means another pro technician who commands the livestream (the Director). He or she is in communication with the camera crew and any others on board for the narrowcast via an intercom. That person calls the shots so nothing is missed.

Many shows now have PowerPoint from the individual presenters. Those slides should be incorporated via the video crews’ computer. Most livestreams are now in HD and therefore the slides must be scaled to fit the 16:9 ratio. The webcast/production company can do that for you, although it is helpful if the presenter(s) have considered it before-hand.

If audience participation is likely, have several wireless microphones on the docket, so ‘runners’ can get those mics into the audience. At home, no one hears the question unless on a microphone!

And setting out several mics on stands is no assurance people will go to them. Our experience is they shy away unless a mic is handed to them. At home (or the office) viewers may also participate by sending in questions during the show. It’s called LiveChat.

People love to see their name in lights. For a livestream, that means putting names and titles of anyone who arrives at the podium onto the screen. It looks good and propels your production to a pro level. It is much easier on the crew if this is pre-arranged and spelling and titles are checked well before going live.

In some cases, a sponsor or two will be alongside your event day and they may assist with defraying costs. Their message is easily incorporated into the show by a simple on-screen text (with logo) or even a playback of a supplied commercial if that is what they wish.

Be sure the webcast is recorded. It will be on the server, but always a good idea to have the company record it as well and send along a mem stick, a dvd or portable drive; post show.

Analytics are available as long as you request them prior to commencing the stream. This gives you a report on where in the world viewers were watching, and for how long. Call it a webcast or livestream, with a professional production crew, and well-maintained equipment, your show is going live without a hitch – with good planning.

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